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March 27, 2014 | Telling Our Story

Our successes and shortcomings. Our experiences and lessons learned. Our knowledge and opinions. You can call it a real-time play by play of our business in the solar industry, we call it our story. And we want to share it with everyone in solar.

The goal is to use our viewpoint to make sure we are seeing things correctly and if we deserve it, get credit from choosing the right path. Marketers would see this as content marketing whereas others would categorize it as crowdsourcing market knowledge. Our marketing team is unique and diverse, spanning the globe and 16 hours of time change, so we don’t expect to find a lack of content as long as we work hard to ‘tell the story’. In many ways this should not be much different than operating a newspaper.

Conergy is in the business of developing, building and operating solar power plants around the world. The goal, if we are successful, is to share the some of the work of our 350 team members in 14 Countries with you by telling our story. We hope to do this without pitching our services and to the best extent possible not talking about our company at all.

The story will be told from many different viewpoints and even languages but most of all, the plan is to update often, multiple times per week. Keep us honest and give us feedback, especially if we are wrong. The solar industry is very global and growing rapidly so we have to collaborate and be open about our work with each other so that we are more likely to succeed.

What will the storytelling look like? A single article will, in most cases, have 400-500 words and digestable in a few minutes. It will be non-promotional content that only identifies the company by the author. And if we do it right cross-posted to many of the excellent solar websites and news platforms around the world. Most of all, the articles should make the reader think, react and respond. The interaction will be made easier as we grow our presence throughout social platforms.

Solar is full of ‘coopetiion’ and ‘frenemies’, so let’s make knowledge part of our collaboration because at the end of the day we have a mutual mission of building more solar. The mission of adding more solar is important socially and economically and not everyone wants solar to succeed, but with strong partnerships and innovation we will undoubtedly be successful. So let’s all tell our story, advance the way we talk about solar, and come back in a year to see how far we have come!