Solar technology has been subject to its share of conflicting coverage on exactly how quickly it's growing in homes and businesses around the world, but recently, that debate has largely come to a halt. Nearly every expert will tell you that you have no better time to invest in solar technology than now. This is especially the case if you've discovered just how high your energy bills are lately.

Statistics clearly show steady growth of solar panel use in home and business environments. This also includes otherwise-unused land areas, which is a renewed focus in the industry. Most... Read More

Solar energy and the Middle East are not two subjects that are ordinarily mentioned in the same sentence. When one thinks of the Middle East, one generally thinks of oil and gas production, not renewable energy.

But increasingly, Middle Eastern countries are making solar energy plays. For one thing, not all Middle Eastern countries are awash in oil. And beyond that, the other primary resource in the Middle East is sunlight, which desert kingdoms have in abundance but until now hasn’t been used to its fullest potential.

Saudi Arabia Begins to Turn Toward Solar

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China is switching to solar energy in a big way, partly because its coal-fired plants have become a leading cause of the severe pollution plaguing the country. Up until recently, according to Climate Progress, China was a leading coal-producing and coal-using country. The Chinese government is starting to switch from a coal-fired economy to one based on low- and no-carbon energy sources, such as natural gas, hydroelectric, wind power, nuclear and, of course, solar.

China Has Exported Solar Panels for Years

China has long been an exporter of solar photovoltaic panels,... Read More

One of the persistent problems in the development of solar energy is how to store the electricity once it is created from a photovoltaic cell. By its very nature, solar energy only works when the sun is up, and works best when the sky is not cloudy. To be practical, solar energy systems have to have a way to store excess electricity when the sun isn’t shining. According to a recent piece in SciTechDaily, some chemists at UCLA have created a new material that could allow solar cells to store excess electricity and release it at will.

Storing Solar Energy in Batteries

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As a farmer you have an enormous responsibility. Your role fills an essential need vital to sustaining the lives of others. This is no easy feat, as you well know: you’re constantly facing the challenges of fluctuating food prices and demand, changing governmental regulations, rising fossil fuel costs, and the effects of global warming, all of which appear impossible to control, much like the weather you depend on to nurture your crops in the first place.

Solar power is a viable alternative to conventional fuel that addresses many of the unique challenges faced by those in the... Read More

When you think of places that use solar energy, typically, you think of high-grossing companies or personal homes that belong to people who have the means to make these modifications. While solar energy is highly beneficial to many industries and locations, the start-up expense can seem prohibitive. That means that solar energy isn't, for example, the sort of thing that you would typically associate with a school district.

The Moon Area school district in Pittsburgh, however, aims to turn that assumption on its ear. It's the first school district in Pittsburgh to make such a... Read More