As the solar news is fill up with news of new financial vehicles acquiring solar (and now wind) projects with the promise of lower cost of capital. The headlines highlight the large portfolios and enormous projects that are taking advantage of the equity but how does this affect the solar industry as a whole is an open questions. But it the benefit of low cost of capital are not reserved to those that become the ultimate owner of solar assets – each of us can benefit.

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As Investors are crossing international borders, the big global solar companies are often looking for partnerships with local firms to navigate the ins and outs of a new location. This direct investment in the newly emerging solar markets takes many forms, from finding reliable subcontractors to joint development and M&A activity.

As a local firm, what can you do to make yourself more attractive to these companies? Here’s a checklist of basic requirements:

• If you’re not a solar contractor already, be prepared to show how your skills will translate.

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The solar industry in the United States has boomed for the past five years. For some, the pending ITC expiration in 2016 has cast a pall over 2015. But we believe handwringing is overrated. Here are three solar trends that should gladden your hearts this year:

1. PACE financing will revolutionize the commercial-project market.

Utility-scale solar projects find financing easily. Ditto the residential market (big corporations have figured it out). The commercial sector, however, is still struggling to find the money to complete projects.

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Our successes and shortcomings. Our experiences and lessons learned. Our knowledge and opinions. You can call it a real-time play by play of our business in the solar industry, we call it our story. And we want to share it with everyone in solar.

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