13 MWp :



In August 2015, RASLAG Corp., the renewable energy generation arm of Angeles Power, Inc. contracted Conergy Asia & ME to expand their existing 10 megawatt (MWp) power plant in Mexico, Pampanga by adding 13 MWp, which will bring the total capacity of the RASLAG power plant to 23 MWp by the project’s completion. 

“RASLAG Corp. experienced an exceptional partnership for its existing 10 MWp solar farm project and is glad to team up once again with Conergy for its 13 MWp solar farm expansion project. This project will add another step to our commitment for renewable and sustainable supply for future of generations to come,” said Engr. Peter G. Nepomuceno, President and General Manager of RASLAG Corp. 

“Conergy is eager to be working with RASLAG Corp. once again for the expansion of its existing solar facility in Pampanga. This is another step forward as we realize our collective vision of powering the Philippines with clean and reliable renewable energy,” said Alexander Lenz, CEO, Conergy APAC. 

“Our teams are working closely on the ground to ensure that the best photovoltaic systems and solutions are delivered to RASLAG. The Philippines has the advantage of high and predictable levels of sunlight, making it ideal for the development of high quality solar energy plants that can fuel more homes and businesses and also provide access to more affordable and stable sources of electricity,” Lenz added. 

The original RASLAG 10 MWp power plant occupied an area of 129,438 square meters. With the 133,772 square meter extension, the total plant size will stand at 263,210 square meters. The RASLAG expansion will produce 19,438 megawatt hours per year, which can supply to about 11,700 households, saving 14,300 tons of carbon emission (CO2) every year. 




  • プロジェクトの種類


  • 所在地

    Mexico, Pampanga, フィリピン

  • プロジェクトの完成


  • 設置容量

    13 MWp

  • 年間発電量

    19,438 MWh

  • PVモジュール

    50,544 Conergy PE

  • パワーコンディショナー

    12 セントラルインバータ

  • 架台システム

    Conergy Sigma II

  • プラント面積

    133,881 平方メートル

  • 二酸化炭素削減量

    11,916 トン/年

  • プロジェクトの地域